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Akron Novelty merchandise home page
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New novelty items added all the time
1. Mini Recorder - Toy Flute
2. Butterfly Snap Purse
3. Dragon Wine Bottle Holder
4. Moose Wine Bottle Holder
5. Dolphin Scene Figurine With Clock
6. Cardinal Figurine
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We have been a wholesale toy distributor for over 50 years. Here you'll find wholesale toy and game items for all ages. We strive to give you a great sellection of wholesale toy items to choose from. Also look at our best sellers catagory for more wholesale toys.

  Animal Toys (40)
  Balls (50)
  Bugs (10)
  Cap Guns and Toy Clicker Guns (4)
  Coin Banks (10)
  Crayons, Paint And Chalk (6)
  Inflatable Toy (14)
  Kid Toy Game (14)
  Magnifying Glass (4)
  Playing Card (17)
  Puzzles For Kids (7)
  Smiley Face (27)
  Stickers (11)
  Temporary Tattoos (11)
  Top Selling Favorites (21)
  Toy Airplane (5)
  Toy Car And Truck (26)
  Toy For Girl (8)
  Toy Glider & Kites (5)
  Toy Tractor (2)
  Toy Train (22)
  Toys For Boys (5)
  Treasure Chest
  Water Fun (10)
  Water Squirt Gun (7)
  Whistle (15)
  Wholesale Coloring Books, Wholesale Activity Books
  Wholesale Plush Toys (55)
  Wholesale Toys Misc (76)
  Wooden Toys (11)
  Yoyos (10)
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