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1. Miniature Gnome Figurines
2. Skull Figurines
3. 3-D Wolf Scene Mandella
4. Ceramic Vase With Gecko Scene
5. Black Bear With Sign Figurines
6. Glow Glasses
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When toys are mentioned in todays world, people think of computer games, game boy or any number of electronic toys. There are however, many old favorite toys from the 50ís, 60ís & 70ís that are educational, inexpensive and just plain fun.

Some of these toys will never go out of style. Many parents that come into our showroom warehouse enjoy seeing toys that they havenít seen since they were kids. It is like going down memory lane. Akron Novelty & Merchandise Co. stocks a large variety and a large inventory of these kid pleaser toys. We have people tell us that they bought their child an expensive toy of some sort and the child also got some novelty toys for a birthday or Christmas gift and the child ignores the expensive toy and plays with the novelty toy, such as, whoopee cushions, or jacks.

We have 100ís of Toys & Games to choose from. We have card games, poker chips, die cast cars, trucks, tractors, school buses and planes. There are girls toys, such as, diaries, necklaces, bracelets, cosmetic sets and lip gloss. We have dozens of smiley face toys, such as, clickers, erasers, locks, bendy men, slinky springs, finger puppets, mini frisbees, key chains and pin wheels. Then there are the favorites like gliders, kites, hi-bounce balls, sponge balls, dominoes, checkers, pick-up sticks, sticky insects, whistles, stickers, tattoos, fuzzy dice, magnetic dogs, funny nose & glasses, harmonicas, jump ropes, frisbees, paddle balls, childrensí puzzles, crayons, paint sets and plush toys of all kinds. Last but not least we have pool toys and swim aids, such as goggles, beach safes, nose plugs, ear plugs and beach balls.

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