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1. Miniature Gnome Figurines
2. Skull Figurines
3. 3-D Wolf Scene Mandella
4. Ceramic Vase With Gecko Scene
5. Black Bear With Sign Figurines
6. Glow Glasses
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Poly resin figurines are getting more and more popular. The more varieties we get in stock, the more we sell. Everyone collects something, and most people collect more than one variety of figurine. The quality of figurines differ drastically and price is not always the factor. We try to give our customers a good quality at a competitive price. We spot check all the figurines that we buy and anything that doesnít meet our standards either goes back to the importer or we sell them to auctioneers.

Variety is the key to selling figurines. Itís a little bit like going to the super market that only has one size and one brand of an item. Everyone wants choices and the better the choice the more you sell. Akron Novelty & Merchandise Co. stocks a large variety of Figurines such as angels, fairy angels and Precious Moments items.

We have farm animals such as chickens, roosters, cows, pigs and horses. We have cats, dogs, unicorns, eagles, wolves, frogs, native American figures, Indian bowls, dream catchers and canoes. Nautical merchandise is also a good line of gifts especially for men. Tractors are also good men gift items. We are selling more and more jungle figurines including monkeys, tigers, leopards, lions, elephants, zebras and giraffes. We also stock a large variety of wizards, dolphins, bears, turtles and rabbits.

Western items such as covered wagons, cowboys, tee pees and buffalo also sell well. Many of the animals listed above are also available in clocks, lamps, plates and musicals.

We have a large variety now and will continue to add more items. Keep checking our web site for new items coming in monthly.

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